Scott Alan Miller

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

You Have to Start Somewhere

After five years of regular postings on my personal "diary" blog at, I have decided that it was time to try out one of the blog services and see what was going on in the blogoshpere. I have been blogging for so long on my own hand-crafted site that I have lost touch with the community and want to see what I can do to get back to it. I love blogging and don't want to miss out on anything.

My purpose in starting this blog is not to replace SheepGuardingLlama but to, instead, provide a technical outlet for myself so that I do not have to burden my "diary" readers over at SGL with my "boring" technical chatter. So this blog will be dedicated to technical matters - but none in particular.

I would like to take the chance to welcome all of my faithful readers who have come over from SGL to check this site out.


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